Monday, 17 February 2014

What's In My Bag....

Yaaaay, it's half term! I know for those of you who aren't in education / don't work in a school then this might seem silly but I'm so glad to have a week off work! I can do so many magical things like sleep, wear a full face of make-up, not check my emails, wear mismatched socks, stay in my pyjamas, not have to prepare tomorrow's lunch at the same time as tonight's dinner etc etc etc! Like I said, MAGICAL!

As I've got the week off I've decided I'll do some grown up stuff so this cloudy Monday has been dedicated to getting my car's MOT done. I decided to make sure my bag had enough stuff to keep me occupied whilst I waited for it to fail (which of course, it did!) and then subsequently get all fixed up again. 

So, my bag of choice was my Mulberry Del Rey. I've had it since 2012 when it was first released so it isn't as shiny and new as it was. It also appears to be less structured than the newer versions of the bag so it only looks its best when it's pretty full...

luckily for me I'm good at filling it right up!

(L-R) Mulberry Continental wallet in Dark Blush (full post here, click!), Moleskine journal and personalised notebook (buy the weekly journal here), 2 pens, Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mango & Strawberry tea bags, chewing gum, hair clasp, Dior lip glow (full post & retail info here, click!), Nivea Lip Butter (full post & retail info here, click!) Sally Hansen cuticle lotion (buy here), Benefit lip gloss, iPad, gig ticket for The 1975, headphones and my iPhone.

Some of these are pretty obvious so I won't explain them but I have this book in my bag because I love F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby was my favourite book from my university course and that lead me to read a bit more by the same author. This one is a collection of short stories, my favourite one is called "The Jelly Bean". 
I've got the tea bags in there because I thought there may not be any fruit teas at the garage but there's usually a coffee machine that supplies hot water. Luckily there was a whole bunch of Clipper teas so I didn't have to use my emergency supplies!

I don't know why this gig ticket is still in my bag! I must have thrown it in the bottom of the bag when I was at Brixton last month....Shows how often I empty out the crap I hoard! I took my iPad because I was hoping for wi-fi access, thankfully there was a customer wi-fi service! I watched some YouTube videos and sent some bloggy emails so that definitely helped pass the time!

Link me to your What's In My Bag posts - I love to see what other people take with them everywhere!

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