Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Thomas Sabo Anchor Charm & Bracelet

Thomas Sabo Anchor Charm

I've been obsessed with anchors since I was about sixteen - I used to doodle them everywhere, wear jewellery with little or large anchors dotted around and I've had a tattoo design hidden in my bedroom for the right time and the right place. 

I was perusing the shops with my mum last weekend and saw this charm in the Thomas Sabo store. I've had a charm bracelet for about a year but it hasn't had any charms attached so I thought this charm would be the perfect addition to it. 

Thomas Sabo Anchor Charm

It's only £21.95 (here, click!) which I think is reasonable for a sterling silver charm. The bracelets range from £19.95 (here, click!) so it's not too expensive to treat yourself to!

The next ones I'd like to add to my collection are the little silver rabbit (here, click!), the tiara (here, click!) and the dog (here, click!).

Link me to your favourite charms!

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