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Trou Aux Biches Resort & Spa Mauritius

My Holiday Series that begun just over a week ago was supposed to lead up to my going away, however not all things like that go quite the way they should. I'm a couple of posts behind but worry not - they will appear!

So, here's where I was heading off to - a tiny island not far East of South Africa called Mauritius. 12 hours on a plane from London Heathrow ain't no joke but I promise, a flight that ends in Trou Aux Biches is worthwhile!

Just over an hour from the main airport Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa is located near Triolet in the North West of the island. March/April/May is sort of the "Autumn" season over there (but really it's like a better than good British Summer!). 

This holiday has been booked for about 8 months and we were all so looking forward to getting out of the UK and away from any negativity into bright sunshine; we were not disappointed. The temperatures were anywhere from 22-30 degrees all week and we were practically waited on hand and foot for the duration of our stay.

The Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa was re-opened a couple of years ago after a big refurb - the golf course was gone and villas appeared. The villas are pretty massive and can sleep up to 7 people but since there were only three of us we chose a Beach Front Suite with a pool.

Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa Beach Front Suite with Pool review

We were greeted upon our arrival by a citronella iced drink and a fruit platter whilst we checked in. Our suite wasn't quite ready so we had access to a transit room to freshen up. There were three transit rooms I think and they were there to give travellers somewhere to sit, nap, shower etc after long flights.

Once the suites were available we headed to our rooms; my brother and I were in one together and my mum had one to herself. We could lay out on the deck and we could see the beach - sand and sea - from our door. It really was beautiful. Click here for a link to an Instagram video to see it up close.

Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa Beach Front Suite with Pool review

We had an en-suite complete with two showers - one indoors and one secluded outdoor shower. The rooms had telephones, tvs, complimentary WiFi which worked very well for a resort wide network, multi-use charging station and a tea and coffee facilities above the mini-bar. The multi-use charging station was brilliant; you could practically charge any device so if you forgot a charger for your iPhone/iPod/Android etc it wasn't the end of the world!

Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa Beach Front Suite with Pool review

I didn't use the outdoor shower except to rinse off quickly but it is completely hidden from view of the other suites - you could do your own naked rain dance and not a single soul would know!

Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa Beach Front Suite with Pool review

Throughout the week we indulged in some gorgeous cocktails at the two bars at the resort. We took a liking to a particular Sauvignon Blanc so soz Mauritius but we might've wiped out your supply!

Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa Beach Front Suite with Pool review

There are six on site restaurants; Le Deck, La Caravelle, L'Oasis, Blue Ginger, Mahiya and Il Corallo. We ate at all of them except Il Corallo; there was no real reason for this aside from making dinner reservations and aiming to return to our favourite one for our final meal. All of the food was divine though the meals at the Blue Ginger and Mahiya were our favourites. Blue Ginger is Thai food and serves up a "discovery menu" - this is a set menu and it means you can try lots of smaller dishes (and ask for extra if you enjoy them so much they all go!). Mahiya is the same but Indian and where we ate together on our last night. The service was impeccable and we were completely looked after during every single meal.

The beach had a wide range of free water activities including pedalos and kayaks. The kayaking was so relaxing as the sea was calm and a crisp bluey/turquoise to the horizon.

There's also a Clarins spa on site - boasting 20 private cabins for treatments and a beauty parlour you don't even have to paint your own nails while you're away; someone's on hand to do that too!
I don't have many photos of that as I was pretty pre-occupied but my therapist Deborah was so friendly and really took a lot of time and attention throughout my pedicure.

I can't recommend the Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa enough - there is everything you might need for a holiday, honeymoon or even for your wedding. They cater for every occasion so even if you don't stay here I believe it's certainly worth checking out the Beachcomber Hotels locations as I can't fault their service at all.

Myself and my family had the most relaxing and refreshing stay at the Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa and we absolutely can't wait to return. After staying with Beachcomber once I have every faith that our next stay would be glorious wherever we went (and you can bet your hat I'd post about the luxury of it all here, too!).

P.S. Beachcomber, you're right....a dream is a serious thing!

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  1. I'm not usually a beach holiday person but this really does look glorious. I might hint to Maxx about a honeymoon here ;) xx