Monday, 5 May 2014

Clarisonic Aria Review // Week 1

Clarisonic Aria Review

So, a week ago I blogged about my purchase of the Clarisonic Aria. This week is a bit more about how we're getting on together. Firstly though, this is just my experience with the Clarisonic and if you have one yours may differ!

I have been using a mix of these three products with my Clarisonic; the Dermalogica Clean Start (now Clear Start I believe) face wash, the Bioderma cleansing foaming gel and a Clarins Energizer gel.

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I only use the Clarisonic once a day, usually in the evenings. I'll take most of my make-up off with a sweep of Bioderma's cleansing water on a cotton pad but focus on removing all my eye make-up first. Once that's done I splash my face with warm water and use one of the three gels on my skin. I lather it up and then use the Clarisonic to deep cleanse my face. 

The T-Timer allows me to know when to move to a different part of my face - 20 seconds on my chin, 20 seconds on my forehead and 10 seconds on each cheek. I've used it like this every evening and afterwards my skin feels so soft. 

What's different since using the Clarisonic?
In the last week I have noticed: my skin is much softer after every use; my moisturiser sinks in quickly and my skin still feels smooth in the morning; the blackheads and clogged pores on my chin have reduced dramatically; a small number of not-quite-spots have developed on my forehead. They're not in any way bad but there are significantly more than I tend to have. I haven't noticed them anywhere else on my face so it seems pretty isolated to my forehead. I haven't yet noticed an improvement in the milia on the tops of my cheeks but I haven't noticed any negative change either so I can't complain there!

Overall, I am enjoying using the Clarisonic so far; it feels like a proper deep clean daily and is a welcome addition to my skincare routine.

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