Monday, 26 May 2014

The Holiday Series : Where am I....?

This week has been absolutely magical - I've been away since Wednesday spending a few nights in New York. We've crammed so much in to the days (and our stomachs!) and seen the Empire State Building, Times Square, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, High Line....

This was the view from the 86th floor on the observation deck all the way up the Empire State Building. It's hard to differentiate between the buildings in that photo but i could see how clearly mapped out the whole city was from up there.

This was a quick snap from the High Line walk - I loved being able to see down the streets and all the buildings in the distance. Yesterday was our best day weather wise and we even saw a mama raccoon and two babies climbing up a tree in Central Park!

I'll do a bit more of an in depth post when I get back home but I'm currently awaiting my flight to Orlando for a week in Disney World! I am about to burst with excitement to go back to the most magical place on Earth. Keep up with me on twitter and instagram using the links below! <3

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