Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dior Make-Up Masterclass // Back To Basics

Last week I was invited by the ladies at my local Dior counter in John Lewis to attend an event hosted by their beauty consultants. It was all about going Back to Basics with some of the staple Dior skincare and cosmetics products. 

There were 10 of us in total and we were all greeted with Bucks Fizz and beautifully presented beauty spaces complete with flowers, chocolates and ribbon wrapped boxes filled with cosmetic care items. We all also received a Dior bag with selected samples to try at home, each bag named and tailored to what we would need as Dior clients.

 The items on the tables and in the bags had been picked to suit individual attendees' beauty and skincare needs. I absolutely loved this touch as it really showed that the Dior girls had thought about what we as clients would need to make the most of this class. We also left with a "menu" of all the basic Dior beauty items to enhance one's make-up collection.

My "workspace" was adorned with Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Creme, Lip Glow, Lip Maximiser and their newest mascara offering; It Lash. 

We were talked through what each product did, why some of us would need one type of skincare and some may benefit more from another, how to effectively apply concealer and foundation and of course how to add the finishing touches to cheeks and eyes. I was loving life giving all of the bits and pieces a test and swatch on my hand and then applying all the luxurious products to my skin.

Both of the beauty consultants were friendly and welcoming and I didn't feel like I had been invited because I didn't know what I was doing, but because there's always lessons to learn when it comes to beauty and individual brands offerings.

The ladies really showed that they knew their stuff when as one was presenting, the other consultant was colour matching foundations and providing the products to be used. I was even given the BB Creme rather than the Nude foundation as that's my preferred base; it's the little things that make you feel valued as a client and that has certainly contributed to how positively I feel about Dior as a brand.

Overall, I loved this little treat. We all have our own techniques when it comes to applying make-up but classes like this really remind me that sometimes less is more, sometimes more is more but ultimately it's all down to finding a brand and product line that works for you. Maybe, juuust maybe Dior might be mine.....

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