Sunday, 15 June 2014

Holy Grail // Hair : KMS California Moist Repair

I'd never really played around with KMS California until I received a Christmas gift a few years ago. I did the usual "oh I'll give it a try" with the shampoo and conditioner on the few days following but the product that struck me the most was the revival creme.

KMS California Revival Creme Review

The idea is to apply this leave in conditioner to towel dried hair and comb it through in order to keep flyaway strands at bay and put some moisture into tired or damaged hair. 

KMS California Revival Creme Review

It's lightweight and relatively fragrance free once it's in the hair but there's a slight hint of vanilla if you smell the creme. I like this a lot because there's absolutely no residue left on my hair even straight after applying the creme.

My favourite aspect is that it lasts absolutely AGES. I'm only on my second 125ml tube and I've been using this regularly for well over 6 months. I never feel like it's weighing down my hair or a fad, bandwagon product. I plan to use this for as long as I possibly can on my bleached hair to keep it hydrated and healthy(isn!). If you fancy giving it a try you can click through and pick one of these up herehere or here from £11 to £16 for 125ml.

What are your holy grail products? Should I try anything else from the KMS California range?

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  1. This sounds lovely, I have tried a lot of different haircare brands but never KMS and I've always wanted too actually, and it sounds like this is right up my street. X