Friday, 8 August 2014

Birchbox Manithon // August 29th 2014

I've not blogged for a long time but I am back and have some super fun info on a Birchbox event coming up at the end of the month.

So, it's a manithon.. MANI-thon not MARA-thon; no running! This is where twenty manicure stations are gong to be set up in Soho Square offering Models Own manicures for a donation of £5. It opens at 10am and is there all day until 7.30pm - perfect if you're squeezing in a quick touch up on your lunch break.
£5 is a quarter of the price I usually pay for a manicure locally so that's already got it on my radar...

The donations will all go to booby charity Coppafeel and you can grab a t-shirt in support for only £12. It's been designed by Sally Faye Cotterill and is modelled by Sarah-Jane Crawford.

Breast cancer sucks, but Coppafeel are all about checking your boobs for the early signs and raising awareness about the importance of regular checks. Being a girl with an ample bosom I'm behind this 200% and can't wait to get mah nails did later this month.

Click here to see Coppafeel's information on the event and click here to book your appointment with Birchbox.

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