Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Bathroom Storage // Ikea Kallax & Billy

Exactly 6 days before Christmas my mama, brother and I moved house. This was not the most ideal time to more, nor was it the easiest but alas, it is done!

I didn't realise quite how much absolute rubbish I had collected/hoarded/hidden for the last 17 years in our old house, but moving prompted a big clear out with the help of my best pal and a v. cute boy who is good as assembling and de-sembling things.

We have moved into a beautiful new build and I've finally got my own en-suite! I'm used to sharing a bathroom with my younger brother, but now we've got our own bathrooms there's no more banging on the door or desperate dashes down the hall when I've forgotten a towel. 

Due to the move I've managed to sort out a lot of my old, hoarded, out-of-date products and finally I've kept all the ones I really do need (that includes three of the same fragrances from Victoria's Secret and two of the same, half used bottles of body lotion...). This then led to the quick realisation that I didn't have anywhere to put this stuff and that had to be sorted, pronto.

Cue a trip or three to Ikea and an Uncle who is very handy with a hammer. This resulted, finally, in the perfect set of bathroom storage units. 

This is from the Kallax range (click here to view). With four drawers and two big spaces at the bottom I'm managing to keep everything relatively tidy for the time being. The drawers currently contain a whole range of things but I'm trying to keep it as sensibly organised as possible.

The two bottom spaces could both have baskets in, but I'm keeping the bottom left for cleaning products to encourage me to actually clean my own bathroom. It's working, for now.
The bottom right with the basket has all my salon size shampoo bottles that I use to refill my smaller ones that are kept in my shower.

On top I just keep my every day products - my Clarisonic Aria is there currently along with a Dermalogica exfoliator and my cotton wool jar. The other side has my favourite Bath and Body Works body mist in Cashmere Glow and on the far right, an air freshener from Method!

The last cabinet is actually a bookshelf from the Billy range (click here to view). There are another two shelves above but they wouldn't fit in the picture. I've got a whole range of things on here but the two at the top of the picture contain all my nail products and any bath or shower products that I like to mix and match.

On the left there's a small glass shelf from John Lewis and that's got my Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée goodies on - I'm saving them for a time when I really, really need to pamper myself!

So, that concludes a post on my new bathroom. Once my bedroom is in order I hope I can do a little bedroom decor post, but currently it looks like a bomb's gone off so I won't subject you to that.

Let me know what you think - I'm always looking to find ways to make the storage look nicer or be more space efficient.

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  1. Love the white ikea storage and furniture :)