Monday, 12 January 2015

Winning Combination // KMS California Moist Repair

KMS California Moist Repair Leave-In

Since taking the steps to lighten my hair in the last couple of years I've been looking to keep my hair in the best condition I can. I posted about one of these products last summer (full review here) but I've recently been using the revival creme along with the leave-in conditioner spray.

When I've washed my hair (usually with other KMS products but occasionally with Phillip Kingsley) I wrap my hair in a towel and potter around my room for around 10 minutes. Once I've found a wide toothed comb or a tangle brush I then flip my head over and spray the leave-in conditioner liberally.
I follow that with a good brush, but I try not to be too harsh as my hair is very elasticated when it's wet and I really don't want to break off any more than the bleach already does!

Once I've got the knots and tangles out I keep my head upside down and then work the creme through the lengths and ends of my hair, sometimes adding a little extra to the ends if they're a bit ropey that day.

If I can avoid it I try not to blow dry my hair - I wash my hair in the evenings so usually I can put some pjs on and get on with work or blogging while it dries.

You can read more about this KMS range here  or pick them up from FeelUnique (here).

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