Thursday, 18 June 2015

Burt's Bees // #SaveYourPillow

There is nothing more frustrating than leaving remnants of mascara, eyeliner or lipstick on a pillowcase after a night out. I always take my make-up off before I go to sleep, but I don't always use products that will help my skin.

Make-up wipes might be the cardinal sin of beauty bloggers everywhere, but sometimes they're the easiest, most convenient and quickest way to remove the war paint.

Last week I received two new products from Burt's Bees, both designed to take your make-up off quickly.

Firstly, the Orange Essence Facial Cleanser(*).
This is designed to make it super easy to take of make-up or cleanse the skin of any dirt left over from the day, and is used by massaging onto the skin and then washing with warm water or a damp cloth.

Burt's Bees Cleanser

With a consistency similar to that of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, you can feel this product on your face. It's thick but not greasy with a gorgeous citrusy scent.
It removes base makeup as well as heavy duty eye products too.

Next, is the Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream(*).
Working in a similar way to the other cleanser, this is applied to the face, massaged on and then removed with warm water or a damp cloth.

Burt's Bees Cleanser

This cleanser is a thick, white lotion similar to Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser. It has a strong scent, similar to Parma Violets or Swizzlers Fizzlers. I find it quite refreshing and pleasant, though it might be too strong for some people. I did get a little bit in my eyes when rinsing and it was a little unpleasant. This isn't recommended for eye make-up!

I have loved using both of these products and I really don't have a favourite at this point! I'll continue to use both regularly. I'm most likely to use the orange cleanser daily and the deep cleanser once or twice a week to make sure I'm giving my skin a good looking after at the end of a long day.

The Orange Essence Facial Cleanser and the Soap Bark and Chamomile are currently available for £10.99 each (RRP). They can be bought from Marks & Spencer (click!), Holland & Barrett (click!) and of course, Burt's Bees (click!). There are two other products in the #SaveYourPillow campaign - a Peach & Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub and Facial Towelettes with White Tea Extract.

Have you tried these? Let me know!

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(*)These products were sent to me free of charge. I have not been paid to review them and, as usual, 
have been honest about my opinions and experiences with the products. 
All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Burt's Bees or Fluorescent PR.
There is no guarantee that these products will work the same for others, I am writing from personal experience.

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