Sunday, 7 June 2015

Primark // Floral Vs. Plain Towels

I haven't ever been "big" on Primark, but recently I've realised there's certainly enough in there to save me blowing money uselessly in more expensive shops. 

I popped in to the nearest Primark this weekend and while I was there decided it was time to buy some towels. I have my own towels at home that are on rotation -  a baby pink set of Ralph Lauren towels and some fuchsia towels, but I've decided the fuchsia ones have reached the end. It's time for us to part ways!

Primary Home Towels

 Naturally while I was there I zoomed in on these pretty floral towels, a bath towel, a hand towel and two face cloths coming in at under £20 for all of them. Similarly, I grabbed this "luxury" 100% cotton extra large towel in grey which was only £11. The face cloths are a pack of three and were £4.

Grey cotton towel Primark

These both fit well on my towel rail meaning that there's always a towel there for myself, or for a guest.

Floral Primark towel

The hand towel looks really lovely next to the sink, though if I'm honest it's more likely to be used as a hair towel so it will probably end up on the towel rail with the others!

Floral Primark towels home

I think the patterns on the floral towels and the plain grey go really well together, neither making the other look out of place.

What do you think of the Primark home range? What else should I keep an eye out for??

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  1. How cute :)