Monday, 12 October 2015

I Love... Christmas!

I Love... Cosmetics is ready for Christmas and these smell beautiful! 
These three bath and shower cremes turned up at my house today(*) and I was excited to have a shower as soon as I smelt the Cherry Almond Sparkle. 
These three all smell so good, it's like washing in a sweet shop / bakery and they have left me feeling so clean too.

You can grab all three of these from Superdrug in time for the festive season with the little ones priced at £2 and the 500ml for £4. These will make perfect Secret Santa presents for your pals or lovely little stocking fillers. I'm already coveting Mixed Berries and Iced Cookies!

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(*)These products were sent to me free of charge. I have not been paid to review them and, as usual, 
have been honest about my opinions and experiences with the products. 
All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of I Love...Cosmetics or Fluorescent PR.
There is no guarantee that these products will work the same for others, I am writing from personal experience.

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