Sunday, 4 September 2016

Summer holidays are over!

Once again, I've reached the last day of my summer holidays and I'm sitting on the sofa in a haze of what I (not so) fondly call the 'Sunday Blues'.

I feel lucky to do the job that I do for a number of reasons, but I'm not going to lie to you - the summer holidays are a huge factor. Six weeks free from students, exercise books, behaviour logs, house points and endless half-finished cups of tea. Six weeks with the potential for naps at any time of the day, hair dye (that ultimately stains and requires a bleach bath...) and wearing piercings that are strictly not appropriate in front of 100+ students every day. Six weeks of F U N! And that is exactly what I've done this year.

Here are a few snaps from July to the end of August to commemorate the fun and freedom of Summer '16.

boat hangs in Kalkan

poolside essentials

birthday cocktail on my 25th

Magic Kingdom with my bff

candy floss hair and nude lips

our bellepad home for Reading festival

field beer before Fall Out Boy & Biffy at Reading

My job gets in the way of a lot of elements of my life, blogging being one of them, but the summer I've had is worth blogging about so maybe this will get my back into a regular posting schedule.

I hope those of you in teaching also had a wonderful six weeks...back to the grind tomorrow!

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