Saturday, 10 December 2016

Merci Handi // Keeping Germs Away...

Merci Handy - hand sanitiser gel

Merci Handy, the French born lifestyle gel brand, will soon be hitting Topshop's shelves.

The little bottles contain the gel sanitiser and little emollient pearls that help soften the surface of the skin, whilst killing the nasties that we pick up on an every day basis.

Merci Handy - hand sanitiser gel

They all have their own individual scent, ranging from fruits to florals. My favourites are definitely Oh my Lemon and Cherie Cherry - I love the smell of both.
They're not sticky, and they don't leave any residue either. It's a case of popping a drop on your palms and then rubbing it across the surface of both hands, between your fingers and across the backs. Done!
From what I can tell, these products are all free of any animal derivatives and are not tested on animals, but they are packaged in China so depending on your views they may/may not be cruelty free.

You can grab your own little bottle of Merci Handy from Topshop this month for the price of £2.90/bottle* - that's less than a toffee nut toasted marshmallow caramel frappe.

I've got a sneaky lil feeling there will be more from Merci Handy, the brand that are already brightening up my every-day products.

Let me know what you think of these little bottles of love! Given the nature of my day job I don't think Cherie Cherry will have much left by the end of term...

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* These products were sent to me free of charge 
however, as usual, my thoughts are honest and entirely my own. 
I would hands down (heh, punny) buy these of my own accord.

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