Friday, 9 September 2011


Absolutely loving that it's Friday night. As it's coming up to the last of my days at home before returning to uni I'm really living the dream by drinking tea and watching Big Brother! T is at work tonight so I'm watching it now rather than boring him in the morning.

Next week is looking like a lot of packing and as much time as possible with my family and T but I've made a few (okay, fine A LOT) of purchases this week so I'll be posting about a dress that should turn up on Monday, as well as how good my new Clarins products

I did a little bit of baking today. I found a recipe for cupcakes which I hadn't used before and I just substituted sugar for Splenda so I could make them lower in calorie content. This worked well until it came to the melted Milkybar, but with a little will-power it was all alright in the end!
Here's a photo from my instagram earlier today...

ps, these were my cakes!

y-u-m thank you very much, even if they do look a little strange.

I can't wait to get back to uni life and get some proper cooking done.. being home has done nothing positive for my weight at all over summer!

xo xo

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