Monday, 24 October 2011

Wonderful Weekend

After travelling home for the weekend and partying Saturday night away it was an absolute blessing to put my Ugg boots on, like a little cuddle for each foot!
It was one of my closest friend's birthday last week and her parents organised a really lovely night at a local venue. We drank champagne (until we polished off their stash and then we hit the vodka/malibu/gin!) and ate nibbles, followed later by a meal. Naturally we cringey danced to all the best songs and repeatedly told each other how much we love each other before getting a taxi home for some well deserved cheese on toast!

Speaking of unnecessary (but wonderful) carbs and fatty foods, I started the gym again today! I'm so glad I went back and realised that it won't kill me to be there and no-one will laugh at me. I know that sounds pathetic but at least it's out the way now. I'll be going again at least once this week to make sure that I drop these last few horrific pounds!

Tonight is dedicated to finally watching Kim's Fairytale Wedding on E! and wishing that one day I'll be as beautiful as her.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, xo xo

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