Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner

After hearing and seeing a lot more about Eyeko recently I took a minute to research them. After launching in 1999 Eyeko seem to have gone from strength to strength. They have now recently given themselves a little make-over, and their new logo featuring a Twiggy-esque lash crown is right on point as they're focussing on their "quest for Big Eyes"

As mentioned in my previous post I received this product in my Glossybox. At first I was dubious, and when you look at the pencil you can see why....

I opened it, showed the pencil to my flatmate and went "what the f is this for?!"...
The packaging states "Get a handle on your eyeliner! Even when you sharpen the pencil to the smallest nub the silver handle remains for longer use." which is logical but I have survived with the smallest eyeliner pencils known to humanity! Maybe I'll become more fond of this apparatus when I'm right at the end of the pencil...
The tip was nice and sharp when I removed the lid and first tested it as a swatch on my hand. On first application it looked black but after smudging it for comparison I saw it was very blue toned. I hadn't thought to check the colour but after seeing it looking blue-y the packet does infact say "Midnight Blue"

(Click to englarge)

As you can see from the photos this product applies evenly. I'm actually very impressed with the pigmentation and the softness of the pencil on my eyelid. I wore this from 10am until 10pm and the top line didn't smudge at all. My lower lash line was only affected because the wind made my eyes water today but since there's no claim of the product being waterproof it doesn't bother me at all that that happened. I've had compliments on my eyeliner from two different people and I didn't feel the need to reapply at all so I'm very impressed. 

I'll definitely be purchasing another colour when I start to run low on this pencil, I'll probably go for anything black or purple as I rarely wear blue but who knows, maybe I'll stock up on this Midnight Blue since it's worked such a treat! 

If you want to buy your own Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner for £9.50 then click here to go straight to their website!

I hope you like this as much as I do, love


  1. Do you think that this eyeliner is better than other pencils - or also better than liquid? I am a big liquid fan, (Collection 2000) but would rather use a pencil. Is it that good?

    1. I'm a liquid user too, normally Kat Von D for Sephora but I used this just to test it out.. I did really like this for daytime use and I think one benefit of the extended handle will mean when it is teeny tiny you can still precisely line the upper lid. If you want to get a pencil you can be precise with I'd recommend this one :) xx

  2. really lovely post. x