Friday, 3 February 2012

First Gig of 2012 - All Time Low

Last night I dusted off my converse and went to see All Time Low at the Southampton Guildhall with my best friend Aimee. We both l o v e  All Time Low so this was a big event! If you don't know who they are then click here for their most recent video "Time Bomb" and here for my personal favourite "Poppin'". They're a 4 piece pop-punk band from Baltimore in the US who formed in 2003. Their career has boomed since being signed by Hopeless Records and released their fourth album "Dirty Work" with Interscope in 2011.

We got to the Guildhall at about 6 meaning waiting an hour in the cold until doors opened. Now, I won't lie to you Aimee and I were the oldest girls in the crowd that we saw when we arrived but as the queue grew we did see some couples and groups of people who were our age. Due to frontman Alex Gaskarth's beautiful face and their up tempo songs they have a fan base in the UK that could be seen as "tweeny", though I'll be the first to say that the age of a fan doesn't determine how loyal they are.

The two support acts were We Are The In Crowd & The Maine, both pop-punk/punk-rock and both really, really good.

All Time Low came on around 9.15 until 10.20 and I loved every second of it. Their energy was contagious and their stage set up was the most impressive I've seen from them; strobe lighting and 3 big squares which lit up to say ATL (and tits, ass and sex at one point at the request of guitarist Jack Barakat!) I left with a lot of respect for them because Alex has been suffering from a chest infection which resulted in a few songs being cut from the show but he put every ounce of effort into apologising and reassuring us that they would be back in the summer. We were also crowned the loudest crowd of the tour so far which I'd consider an achievement!
My favourite songs of the show were "Remembering Sunday" and "Poppin'" and they played a few older songs like "Coffee Shop Soundtrack".

Here are a few of photos from the show

I'd also like to say they had brought a charity called Skate For Cancer on this tour. It's a brilliant charity so please check it out if you have the chance.

Anyway, if you're like me and still haven't left the "myspace phase" music wise then I'd really recommend checking out All Time Low. They have plenty of songs to move your feet to and a couple of slower ones for rainy days.

Lots of emo love, 

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