Monday, 13 February 2012

Who you gonna call? Weight Watchers..?

Excuse the title. I'm fully aware of quite how crap it is, but I wanted to add another angle to my blog.

After succeeding on Weight Watchers Online last year I decided to re-join after letting go a little too much for the last six months.. I don't want to "fad diet" or cut carbs because all of that is temporary, I want to change my lifestyle to incorporate much healthier aspects with the occasional indulgence.

My initial weight was ....... 11stone 11lbs or 165lbs and for a girl of 5'3" let me tell you that is not cute!
I don't give much thought to my BMI but that made it 28.8 which is quite far in to the "Overweight" category.
Over the course of the following 6 months I lost 24lbs and left for Disney World in Florida at a much slimmer 10stone.

As I mentioned, I'm back on the Weight Watchers Online program using my iPhone, iPad and the computer application supplied through the membership scheme via their website. After Christmas I started back weighing 10st 7lbs or 147lbs and I'm aiming to reach 9st 7lbs by July for my 21st and to finally feel confident in my own skin!

It took a long time for me to get into a good routine last year and it involved a lot more exercise than what I did in the months over summer - I used Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred work out dvd most days and ate 3 meals a day with one snack and one dessert.

Weight Watchers works like this -

I'm allowed to eat 26 points per day, each food having a points value with carbohydrates or carbohydrate based foods like pasta having higher points values when compared with protein based foods like meat with lower points values. Most fruit, veg and water have 0 points no matter how much you eat.. but this is where being sensible comes in. Diet drinks, Splenda / sugar alternatives and fruit and vegetables have 0 points but they are not necessarily guilt free. Everything has calories and excessive calories lead to weight gain so everything must be in moderation. There are 49 extra weekly points that can be used in one sitting or spread across little indulgences and you can still lose weight even if they're all used. You can also earn points through activity but personally I store these and try my hardest not to use them; I'm not working out so I can eat and stay chubby... I'm working out so I will burn calories and lose weight.

I'll be documenting my weight loss on here and a couple of days of meal plans etc for anyone who is interested. If it looks like there's no interest then I'll stop writing..I feel like I'm putting myself out there a bit to much already!

So... if this is the first instalment then I weighed in this morning at 10st 4.5lbs.. yeah buddy! 2.5lb loss since mid January so it's working slowly but surely.
After weighing in I went to the gym with my friend Jade (at 7.45am!!) and earned myself 6 points, but like I said they're staying in a separate compartment of my mind not to be delved into!

If you're on Weight Watchers or thinking of starting I'd love to hear from you, but remember healthy weightloss is between 1-2lbs per week and if you're looking to lose weight the healthy way please, please do not think that fasting will help you lose weight. Your body needs between 1200-1500 calories per day to begin weightloss but NO LESS than 1200. It is also recommended to speak to your healthcare professional before beginning any diet.


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