Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Holiday : How I... keep my hair in good condition.

After having my hair lightened at the end of July I've been a little worried about keeping it in good condition for the duration of my holiday in Turkey. 

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Having only been here for a matter of days I noticed that the ends of my hair were looking and feeling rather crisp, something I definitely don't enjoy! I can only put this down to a mix of having my hair tied up for most of the day, UV rays, air conditioning and mostly the mortal enemy of many who have been near peroxide - chlorine! 
So, after having a trawl through my various wash bags I composed my own
"Holiday Haircare Guide!"

You will need : 

1. A good shampoo and conditioner to remove any impurities, to smooth and soften the hair and protect from breakages, especially if swimming in the sea or a pool.
I use Organix Cherry Blossom Ginseng shampoo and conditioner - between £5- £10 per 385ml.
Since I knew I would be in the sun a lot I also added a generous amount of my favourite hair mask to the bottle in the hope it would soothe any damage. 

2. A UV protecting product or two to give your hair the same protection you give your body.
I purchased two travel sized Charles Worthington products the day before I left £1.99 per 50ml.
The Aftersun Intensive Shot is to be applied for around 5 minutes to damp hair and then rinsed out. I tried to comb this through my hair as gently as possible with a wide toothed comb. I have such knotty hair it's unreal but I found that combing my hair through in the shower meant much less tugging and pulling once it was towelled dry. With the Leave-In Protection Spray I must say that I don't strictly follow the instructions. I spritz this over my hair as its drying/when its dry/before bed etc and then give it a brush through.

3. Any variation on the Moroccan / Argan oil products. 
I use Kératase Elixir Ultime - £24 for 125ml.
At home I'd use this just before I blow dry my hair. I have quite fine hair but there's an absolute ton of it so I get through about 5 or 6 pumps of this. Whilst on holiday however I haven't been styling my hair with any kind of heat (or any kind of anything for that matter; pineapple bun and French plaits all day!) so I run this rough my hair, especially the ends and let my hair dry. 

The result?
After combining these three steps every day after washing my hair I've noticed a huge difference from when I felt the horrible crispiness. After brushing I can see far fewer flyaway hairs and the ends feel much smoother even after being tied up or slept on.
I must say I feel I can attribute the majority of the improvement on the Keratase oil but the conditioning treatments have definitely helped moisturise and nourish any hairs that were dehydrated by the sun and the chlorine. 
Do you have an staple holiday hair products? Let me know, I need some new products to experiment with when I go away at the end of the month! 

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