Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Cid Cosmetics at TK Maxx

Now, I'm not the kind of girl who loves TK Maxx - I find it all VERY STRESSFUL and I'm not a fan of sunglasses with only one lens or a Le Creuset without a lid, I'd rather go online and avoid all the hassle. Saying that last week I was drawn to their new and improved way of stocking the cosmetics, as well as the cosmetics themselves. Finally someone has cottoned on to the fact that people kept opening boxes to pick a single nail varnish or mascara so now they're all stored in a kind of zip locked back that you can't open without a buying it first, wahoo!

Anyway, after totally justifying my visit here's what I actually bought for a total steal:

Firstly, 3 New Cid i-kiss Ultra Long Wear Lip Colour. 

 3 shades of the i-kiss lip colour were available in one pack and another 3 shades were available in the other. In the above photo the colours I chose are (L-R) Raspberry Rose, Hollywood Cerise and Pink Lace.

Unfortunately, these photos don't do these lip colours justice AT ALL but they're really beautiful colours both on the pencil and then when applied. I'll give these 3 their own post later this week but I want everyone to go and buy one of these packs because I paid just £12.99 for all three. If I were to have bought them directly from New Cid they cost £13.00 EACH! I got all 3 for less than the price of just one! You can see them on New Cid here.

Secondly, there were four packs of i-lash professional lash kit.

These are all four of the lashes that New Cid have available, each retailing for £12.00 each, £48 for all four of them. I paid just £9.99 for all four! I was absolutely shocked by this mark down and have no idea how TK Maxx did this but it was a completely irresistible offer! You can look at them online here
Again, I'll give these lashes their own post this week. 

Amongst these bargains there were also some Essie, Bourjois and Stila goodies that I spied, hopefully no-one else has nabbed them all before I get there tomorrow!

So, how do you feel about TK Maxx and bargains like this? And what else should I buy from New Cid??



  1. i really need to check out tkmaxx more often, but unfortunately the one i have doesn't have to biggest selection of cosmetics :(

    1. most of the bigger TK Maxx stores have a wide range, it's a shame yours doesn't. maybe a little scouring the internet will come up with some good deals :) xo