Friday, 26 April 2013

My favourite pieces for under £10 at Dotcomgiftshop

Dotcomgiftshop has always been one of my go-to websites for cute, unique gifts for friends, relatives and the most difficult of all - secret santa!
These are my favourite pieces from the website, some of which I could make use of in my bedroom as it desperately needs sprucing up and a couple of bits for our kitchen at home.

Both bunny rabbit lights can be found here (click!) and here (click!). I bought one for my friend last year and wish I'd got one for myself, but now there's a baby rabbit too I want both! They're £4.95 and £3.95 respectively. The jam making kit would be perfect for my mama who makes such yummy jam when the plums on our tree are ripe, you can find it here (click!) for £9.95. I can never have enough mugs, and this tattoo print "Save the planet" mug is only £3.95 here (click!). The bird coat hanger has enough hooks for my dressing gowns which currently hang limply on the back of my door, there's nothing cute about crumpled piles of fluffy fabric but it would mean there was a little less of a floordrobe. It's here (click!) for £4.95. For £6.95 the Daisy cotton wool jar (click!) would encourage me to actually put my cotton wool away rather than closing the cabinet door rapidly and hoping they don't all tumble out next time I open it. And finally the little heart trinket box (here, click!) is £4.95 and would fit all the rings and earrings that I wear periodically rather than trying to keep them in a neat "pile" which never, ever works!

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