Thursday, 2 May 2013

Dermalogica Clean Start Welcome Matte Moisturiser

I actually received a sample size of this product in a Glossybox a few months ago and bought the full size last week. At first I was tentative about it because I have quite sensitive skin but I was hooked after the first time I used it! I've never had particularly oily skin but the winter months saw my skin do a total turn around after being in and out of heating and cold ar to and from university. It's less of an issue now but I've been looking into products aimed at varying skin types than those aimed directly at "normal" skin.

This moisturiser contains oil controllers and Salicyic acid, the latter is know to help combat blemishes and is found in many products targeted specifically at clearing the skin. I'm pretty sure this range is aimed at younger, teenage skin but I can't find that clarified anywhere on the Dermalogica clean start webpage (click!) but it has the added benefit of SPF 15 (although as everybody knows all skin should be protected with an SPF, not just teenagers!) which does mean that if you're skipping make-up for a day or spending a day in the sun you can be confident that at least for a while you'll avoid any nasty sunburn!

This product has a creamy formula that's quite thin, it doesn't feel like it's blocking up my pores or clogging my skin with lashings of SPF that is sometimes the case with either products that do contain SPF or the dreaded application of sun cream on sunny days. It also has a relatively nice scent, it reminds me of cola cubes but I could be way off the mark there. It isn't too pungent or offensive to those who might prefer non-fragranced products. It sinks in quickly, doesn't leave a shine or greasy feeling and definitely does it's best at controlling oil on the skin. It doesn't affect any make-up that I apply after either so there isn't a "knock-on effect"from the mattifying properties of this moisturiser.

This moisturiser isn't cheap at £15.35 for 60ml but is currently offered with two free mini products which I also received with my purchase. You can buy it here (click!) but I'm not sure how long the offer stands for so hurry!

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