Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I don't want to...

Hair : model's own with the help of Batiste dry shampoo and lots of bobby pins
Eye bags : model's own c/o lack of sleep and no eye cream
Glasses : Tiffany & Co. with the purpose of making the subject seem intelligent
Jumper : Wildfox - loose fit to avoid hurting the accidentally sunburnt shoulders 
and/or to aid in smuggling snacks into the library.

Speaking of the library, it's currently where I'm holed up trying to get focussed for an upcoming exam and a couple of presentations. I'll resume some reviews in the next week as I desperately want to rave about another Dermalogica moisturiser. I'm also attending an event in London tomorrow evening so with any luck I can fill you in on the details of that too!

Just a little update to justify why I churned out a few posts last week but not a lot this week! See you on the other side (once my degree is done... AAAAAAH.)

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