Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lauren's Way Lash Launch 8/5/2013

Last week I hopped on a train to Piccadilly and met one of my best friends for a quick drink before going on to Jewel bar for the Lauren's Way Eyelash Launch. 
We were greeted by a lush red carpet, bouncers and the beautiful PR ladies with the guestlist. After a quick name check we teetered to the bar and picked up some berry mojitos and had a mooch around the venue. 

There were 3 tables with stands flaunting Lauren Goodger's tan range, giant hair donuts and of course the newly released eyelashes and there were some decorated booths where people were sitting, chatting and learning a little bit about the product range.
The Essex Angels were on hand to apply the eyelashes, hair rollers or giant hair donuts to those who wanted to try them out. Naisha and I both opted for the Fabulous Flutter falsies and they were trimmed and applied perfectly. We both felt they were really comfortable with no scratching or heaviness which was brilliant.

The lighting was a little dim which set the mood perfectly but my photos in the venue are a little scratchy looking so I apologise for that!

 Me and my berry mojito, yum!

Me and my friend Naisha after having our eyelashes applied by the Essex Angels.

While we were there as well as seeing Lauren whose hair was looking b-e-a-utiful we saw the X Factor's Rylan Clark (who is seriously super tall in real life..super tall.) and Phil Turner, also tall. But then I am short so....
After a couple of hours of mingling, talking to some other bloggers and magazine writers and having a couple of cocktails we headed off home feeling very happy and keen to try our own set of eyelashes..although without the aid of the Essex Angels it might be a little trickier!

Big thanks to Fluorescent PR for the invitation and to Lauren and the Essex Angels for the lovely evening. Although I left this event with a gift bag I'd like to make it clear that I paid for my train travel. Any reviews for products received at this event will be marked with a * and will of course be my honest opinions.

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