Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dermalogica Active Moist Moisturiser

I know it was only the other week when I reviewed Dermalogica's Clean Start SPF 15 moisturiser for younger skin but I'm back with another Dermalogica moisturiser! I bought these at the same time as one another which to some might seem stupid but after talking to the lovely lady at my local counter she said that applying the Clean Start moisturiser after washing my face in the evening was a total waste of the product since it contains SPF...and unless I'm sleeping outside in the middle of the day there really is no point. So away I walked with my little baggy full of skincare products ready to try my new babies out.

This moisturiser is aimed at those with excess oil production but as I've mentioned before my skin is not oily, oily but in the winter months I'm greeted with a little more shine than I would like when I look in the mirror! I've been using this moisturiser on days when I'm inside all day and at night after cleansing my face.

It has a soft, gel like formula but it isn't sticky like some gel moisturisers can be. It's very smooth and lightly fragranced (naturally!) with hints of lemon, lavender and cucumber. Cucumber is known for its cooling properties and it really helps calm my skin after a stressful day. Although the moisturiser comes out looking like a translucent white colour it soon goes clear and doesn't leave residue once massaged into the skin. I used this all over my face and lightly around my eyes and haven't experienced any irritation.
It doesn't provide a matte base for make-up but it hasn't interfered with my foundation application or any make-up that's applied after whether it is powder or liquid so I'm really pleased with that.

This moisturiser has an RRP of £43.00 so it's certainly not cheap but I'll 100% be repurchasing it to make sure I always have some in my drawer. I absolutely L O V E how it smells and how hydrated my skin feels afterwards.
If you want to pick up your own tube click here (!) to view the product description on the website or here (!) to view the rest of the extensive skin care range.

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