Friday, 23 August 2013 & Bioderma

 Bioderma Micelle Solution has been a cult blogger product for months and for a while it wasn't available in the UK, as is the case with all the best products! I waited patiently, read review after review and eventually came to terms with the fact that it just wasn't my destiny to use Bioderma...

Until started stocking it, wahoo! I discovered they were one of the UK stockists when I saw a blogger challenge surfacing online comparing some crealine solutions and Bioderma appeared to come out on top for most of the participants. I decided then that maybe it was worth a try if so many people had chosen it as their favourite when they didn't even know what brand it was. As most people are I was a little sceptical about going on one or two blogger recommendations because although there's always a disclaimer you can never be sure.

Escentual stock a sample bag for £14 that contains 22 sample sizes of various Bioderma products. With this purchase I received a £20 voucher for my next full price Bioderma purchase, which really is what sold me on buying the sample sizes!

The full product list is here (click!) and I have included all but one sample in my photos above. You pretty much receive one of everything which is great because I wasn't sure whether I wanted to buy the Sensibio or Sebium or Atoderm or Photoderm or Hydrabio. Do you see my problem???

As it turns out I am best suited to the Sebium range. I have slight problems with oiliness and shine in the colder months so I always try to avoid products that are too hydrating or contain a high amount of oil. 

My relationship with Bioderma has been great from the start. The photos below are kinda gross (sorry!) but they show just how well Bioderma works with one application.

There was of course a lot of residue on the first two cotton pads since they are the ones I used to remove my make-up entirely with Bioderma (I used the Sensibio H2O solution for these pads). The second two pads were lightly soaked with water and swept across my face and neck and there's barely anything left on them at all. The one on the left is from the night I removed my make up and the pad on the right is from the morning after to check again.
The sample sizes of the crealine solution lasted me 4 applications each - this is usually enough to tell whether I will get on well with a product or not so personally I think they're a perfect size.

After using a number of the samples from the bag I have just purchased a 250ml Sebium  H2O Micelle Solution and a 200ml Sebium Purifying Foaming Cleanser both with a price of £9-9.99 but due to my voucher from buying the sample bag I paid only ONE POUND NINETY-FIVE for shipping.

I also liked the moisturiser and the pore refiner from the Sebium range, however I chose to by the Micelle Solution and the cleanser because I don't currently own anything similar to them. If the chance arises I shall be purchasing the moisturiser in the future but for now I'll be putting two full size Bioderma products to the test in order to report back here!

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