Saturday, 28 September 2013

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection

I bought these brushes about 10 days ago from My Pretty Face Place for the incredible price of £13.59 and I'm so glad I did. I've put off buying them for a while because I couldn't justify the price tag from other retailers - I've seen them range from £20 upwards in high street stores. Although for three brushes that isn't a high price it seems a little steep when I've never experienced duo fibre brushes before.

The packet consists of a face brush, a contouring brush and an eyeshadow brush. They can be used with both cream products and powders, though I've not experimented with creams so I can't really write about them for that.

I've seen a couple of reviews that mention the smell when the packet is first opened but I didn't experience that at all. I've used these brushes for about a 5 days and since they're for face products I'd expect to have noticed if they smelt horrid. They come in a slightly spongy base which smells plasticy (because it's made of plastic.....) but the brushes themselves are stink free.

I love using the face brush for blusher, especially for a shade that's quite pigmented. The bristles of the brush are less dense than the usual Real Techniques brushes so I find that I can use a deeper colour without looking like Bobo the clown. The sparseness of the bristles allows for a light, even application that looks relatively natural.

The contour brush is my least favourite of the three, only because it's quite a small brush and I'm used to much bigger brushes for applying bronzer. However, for highlighter (like MAC's MSF from my last post here (click!) ) it does mean that there can be a concentrated application across my cheekbones, nose and chin with little fallout.

The eye brush is one that I use once I've completed my eye look to blend in the different shades. I really like it because the brush is so soft that it doesn't scrape or scratch around such a delicate area.

Here I've compared the duo fibre brush (the white one) to two of the brushes from the starter set for eyes. I'll be posting a review of those brushes soon, promise! As you can see the duo fibre brush has longer, less densely packed bristles.

Overall I'm glad I bought these brushes, and to be honest if I ever have to replace them I'd pay the higher price that I've seen in drugstores. The face brush is completely worth it as I've never used a brush like it and it's solved my blusher woes.

This collection limited edition but they have been out since about March this year so they're not so limited that you can't get hold of them anymore.

You can buy them for anywhere between £13-£25 depending on the retailer but I bought mine here (click!).


  1. I have these brushes and I really like them, I've never used a duo-fibre brush before but I love it! xx

    1. I was really impressed with them too, I think I've found the answer to how to use a pigmented blusher without looking like I've got a terrible rash on my face ;) xo

  2. Thanks for mentioning us in your post! I absolutely love the duo-fiber eye brush! I use it every single day :)