Sunday, 6 October 2013

Origins VitaZing SPF15

Origins is not a brand I'm particularly well acquainted from personal use but like most brands I've read a ton about them on the internet.
Last weekend I was looking for a new foundation or foundation alternative and this was suggested to my by a lady at the Origins counter in Debenhams.

It is essentially a tinted moisturiser but for review purposes we'll look at the real name of "Energy boosting moisturizer with Mangosteen". (I have no idea what Mangosteen is...).

When first applied it is a thin, white liquid but on closer inspection it has tiny black speckles in it. You're supposed to apply it in the morning to clean skin and you don't need another product underneath so it's a replacement for both a moisturiser and a skin base like a light foundation. It replaces missing pigments in the skin to create an even skin colour and contains SPF15

The main reason that VitaZing was recommended to me was because I struggle to find a good colour match for my foundations; some products oxidise over the course of the day or are too orange to begin with etc. The idea that this would just automatically match to my skin was great because it was such minimal effort on my part! I haven't had any issues with the colour match so it ticks that box for sure.

For me this is a really good product for "weekend make-up". It's a little dewy which is fine but I like to add a powder product over the top so I still opt for my Naked Flushed palette to add some blush whilst dampening the dewy effect on my cheeks and forehead. It doesn't boast a particularly high coverage but for under my eyes or on blemishes I just apply my concealer to even everything out and I think it works really well.

I would recommend applying this with clean hands rather than with a brush, it would just get lost in the bristles of a stippling or foundation brush. I apply mine with my index finger and rub it in circular motions to ensure that I haven't missed anywhere. My only warning is to make sure when you're finished that you rub across your face gently to make sure that there's nothing that's clogged together to create a darker patch. I have found that if I don't check I could leave with a slightly thick patch that looks too dark on random areas of my face.

Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone with relatively clear skin who wants a quick and fuss-free make-up base that literally takes about a minute to apply evenly. I can't comment on fine lines or wrinkles because I don't have any but for me once it's on, it's on. Its staying power is aided by whatever products you apply over the top (like I said, for me it's a dash of my Naked Flushed palette) and the staying power of those products individually but for me it lasts between 4-6 hours depending on the environments I find myself in.

You can buy this with a price tag for £28.00 /50ml from Origins counters and the Origins website here (click!).

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