Saturday, 1 February 2014

Clique Magazine Issue #2

Another 31 days into 2014 means another issue of newly launched Clique Magazine. This month's cover is graced with the face of Robyn Lawley - Aussie model with legs up to the sky and a particularly hot bod. It also contains a His 'n' Hers Valentine's gift guide, some spectacularly printed clutch bags and a how-to-hair guide. I'm sold!

I love the article and photo of Robyn and the message she is sending to young and older generations alike. There's no reason to feel you have to conform to any kind of "size" whether it's "size zero" or "plus size" and more women, men, models and designers should be backing this notion. It's refreshing!

My absolute favourite part of this issue is the Spring trends pages featuring a BUNNY RABBIT! I was scanning the small print to see where I can pick up my own little fluffy flopsie but as of yet I've had no luck. However I do know where I can find myself the pastel leather jacket in the above photo so... swings and roundabouts!

I absolutely adore this magazine - the Clique app (on the app store here, click!) makes it so easy to scan and spend on S/S's key pieces from the confines of my snuggly slippers and warm bedroom. No battling through the elements for me this weekend but I'll still have a new purchase winging it's way to me - I think that's cause for a Charlie Sheen #wining moment!

There's still time to register for issue two of Clique magazine so clique here and get yourself subscribed! It's free and packed full of key pieces for the upcoming season, including sneak peeks of LFW in Feb for your iPhone!
Don't forget the hashtag #myclique on social media to keep in the loop with all the latest Clique news!

Have you got your copy??
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