Sunday, 9 March 2014

Saturday drugstore buys....

Like most weekends I spent an hour or so in between errands browsing the shops. Also like most weekends I left with things I didn't need in the slightest - lovely!

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation

The first of these buys was the Collection Lasting Perfection foundation. I bought the palest shade as I use the lightest concealer and I'm a total paleface. I've swatched it on the back of my hand and it could be a little dark (sob!) but I'm going to put it to the test today. The glass bottle and screw top does make it a little tricky to transport as I already found a spillage in the shopping bag I put it in but the pump dispenser is a winner so there you go! RRP £5.99 - buy here (click!)

Korres Pomegranate Wipes

These Korres pomegranate cleansing wipes are something I'd usually avoid like the plague. Buuuuut I was suckered into these by the packaging - I haven't heard anything about them or seen any reviews so I was looking forward to giving them a go last night. I actually quite like them - they're quite thick, they removed my liquid eyeliner and mascara well without much hard work. My skin didn't feel too bad after. I did use some Bioderma on a cotton pad to remove the last bits of mascara and anything embedded in my skin but there wasn't much left so I quite like them! They generally retail for aroun £6.00 online (here, here and here!)

Maybelline colossal Volum Express

This is almost a re-purchase - I say almost because I have a Maybelline Colossal mascara from a couple of months ago but it's this one (here, click!)  so I thought I'd give a slightly different version a go. 

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder

I'm currently coveting the Rimmel Stay Matte powder but I thought I'd try the Clear Complexion powder for a week and compare them! I'll let you know :)

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  1. Great buys, really want to try out that powder :)

    1. I'll post a review about it in the week! I'm hoping it lives up to expectations :) xo