Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Holiday Series #2 : On board beauty items

Twelve hours is a pretty long time to be sat in the same place, I don't even do that in my own bed most nights! I've been putting together everything I might need to keep myself occupied for what I'm sure will seem like a very, very long twelve hours. 
To begin with I've been getting my beauty kit ready so I don't land in Mauritius with scaly, lizard skin, chapped lips and horrible nails. I did one of these a year or two ago (click here to see) but as a compulsive shopper I have of course acquired some more products that have replaced the older bits and pieces.

L-R : Sally Hansen nail growth miracle serum, teeny tiny floss dispenser, Bioderma cleansing water £4.50 (here, click!), depotted Liz Earle Naturally Active moisturiser (here, click!), pink toothbrush holder (here, click!), gum, Clinique eye repair creme, Dior Creme De Rose lip balm (best EVER!) and Vaseline hand and nail cream (here, click!).

I suppose these are all relatively self-explanatory but I'll probably use these repeatedly on the flight. One application of all the face products once we're on the plane, once after a little nap and probably once while I watch Frozen. If all goes to plan I'll have perfectly sleek and hydrated skin by the time we land.

Have I forgotten anything??

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  1. Ooh, I'll have to try the hand & nail cream and Sally Hansen serum! Haven't seen these before.